Canceling is very easy

To terminate your membership at PriOffice, log in to the PriPortal. Click PriOffice >My PriOffice> Cancel and choose a date. The notice period is 1 calendar month. So if you cancel as an example on March 15, the end date of your agreement is April 30.

You will of course receive a confirmation from us, so that you can be sure that we have received the message. Didn’t receive anything? Then be sure to contact us to check whether the cancellation has been successful.

Deregistration at the Chamber of Commerce

On the last day of your membership, our administration checks whether your company has been deregistered from our address. If this is not the case, there is a possibility that the cancellation will be revoked. After all, you are still registered at our address, so you are still using the service. This means that the membership and the associated costs continue.

So make sure that you report the change to the Chamber of Commerce in time, as they need a few days to implement the change in the Trade Register.