Change of quarterly and annual subscriptions

At the request of a number of customers, we have created quarterly and annual subscriptions in the past, but in time we noticed that this caused problems with (interim) termination. PriOffice strives for maximum flexibility and that is why we have decided to stop the quarterly and annual subscriptions at the end of the current contract period. From that date, those subscriptions will be converted to monthly subscriptions. This means that everyone has a notice period of only 1 calendar month.

Payment and invoicing

Another important change is that the monthly PriOffice subscription fee is no longer invoiced separately. These, like the other Pri services, will henceforth be settled with the e-wallet. PriOffice will therefore also be mentioned on the PriServices collective invoice from January.

Did you pay PriOffice via direct debit?
Then that direct debit mandate will be used from January for the e-wallet and therefore also for the other Pri services. So not much changes for you.

Have you not issued a direct debit mandate?
Then it is important that you ensure that you yourself provide sufficient balance in the e-wallet to be able to settle the costs. You can easily make a deposit via the PriPortal.

Tip: would you rather deposit yourself but not every month? Then deposit a larger amount, so that you can move forward for a few months.

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Important! If you have more then one PriOffice memberships for other companies and therefore have multiple accounts, it is important that each account has a positive balance in the e-wallet!

Direct Debit

Meanwhile, the vast majority use direct debit to pay the subscription costs of PriOffice.

Are you already using direct debit for PriOffice but not yet for the PriServices e-wallet?

  • From January, this mandate will also apply to the PriServices depot, i.e. for all Pri services. If you do not want this, you can revoke the mandate via the portal (My account – Financial). This automatically means that you then have to top up the e-wallet yourself.

Do you already use direct debit for both PriOffice and PriServices?

  • Then that collection will continue as usual

Did you not use direct debit at all because you paid quarterly or annually?

  • You can top up the balance of your e-wallet manually or simply request direct debit (via My Account – Financial)
  • If you have several companies established at PriOffice, each account must have sufficient balance in e-wallet
  • Applying for direct debit is also done per account

The advantage of direct debit is that your account does not go on standby and mail processing and reservations can continue. When you top up the e-wallet yourself and a negative balance arises, the account automatically goes on standby and no mail is processed. You must then increase the balance yourself.


Do you have any questions about the above? Please feel free to contact us by creating a support ticket via the PriPortal.