Use air conditioning and heating – The Hague

This building is equipped with a climate control system. This means that all indoor units can cool or heat at the same time and that this is centrally controlled by the outdoor unit. With the control panel, where the QR code is placed, you can turn the unit on/off in the room, control the airflow and set the temperature. If the outdoor unit is set to heat (from approx. Oct to May) it is therefore NOT possible to cool an individual room! If the outdoor unit is set to cooling, the air conditioning is on for all indoor units and can therefore not be heated individually. At the moment it is only possible to:

The control panel

How to cool?

  • put the slide switch on air conditioning
  • choose the desired temperature with the turntable
  • set the slider switch for the airflow to the desired speed


  • When you are the last to leave the room, turn off the air conditioning again
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