Business address in Eindhoven

How do you change the business address in Eindhoven? You can use our address, for example instead of your private address that you have currently provided. And are you setting up a new company, for which you are looking for an address to register yourself? We can also be of good service to you with that.

We make sure that you have an address to register. You register with our address at the Chamber of Commerce, with which you neatly comply with the rules that apply. And do you want to work flexibly at our office? We only allow this service for a certain number of entrepreneurs, so that there is always enough space.

Tip: we have several locations in the Netherlands. So is there no place left in Eindhoven? You can also register in another place. Then you can come and work flexibly at all locations.

Protect your private address

You can choose a business address in Eindhoven with us for all kinds of reasons. For example, do you not like the idea that your private address is registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce? By registering your company at our address, you can easily prevent this.

And do you want to use the address of your company to ensure that you make a good impression on new customers? With our address you show that you work in a place that is easily accessible, looks professional and is therefore representative of, for example, the services you offer.

Whatever the reason is that you want to use our business address in Eindhoven, we ensure that you no longer have to use your home address or private address for this.

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Registering, working and meeting

With our address to establish yourself in Eindhoven, you ensure that you register your company with the Chamber of Commerce. It concerns the address in the Trade Register, where you then have the opportunity to come and work and meet:

  • Flexible working
    Are you looking for a place in Eindhoven to work flexibly? You can easily reserve the space you need online. This way you can work in silence, visit other entrepreneurs or you have a place to go if it gets too busy at home.
  • Meetings and training
    Do you want to meet with a few customers, suppliers or other relations? We have the spaces available, just like for a training, workshop or a lecture that you want to give to a larger group.

Business address in Eindhoven

We provide the business address in Eindhoven that you are looking for. So do you want to register your company with us? You neatly comply with the rules as set by the Chamber of Commerce. That’s because of the ability to come and work. It is an economical flex desk, which you can also use to prevent your private address from being included in the Trade Register.

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