Do you want to change your business address in Utrecht? With a new address for your company, you instantly get representative office and meeting space, you have an address with business charisma and you also comply with the rules of the Chamber of Commerce.

At PriOffice, we like to make it easy for you with our Plus membership. You will receive a rental agreement from us and you register at our business address in Utrecht (Zeist). From that moment on you are welcome to come and work and meet there. In addition, you have access to all other locations in the Netherlands that we have. There is always a location nearby, where you can meet up with customers and other relations.


Are you looking for a business address where you can also use an office and/or meeting room? That is important, because it is one of the conditions set by the Chamber of Commerce.

You can only use an address for the registration of your company if you also have the opportunity to work there and, for example, have a meeting. Of course we take care of that in Utrecht (Zeist). And at the same time, it is the reason that we can only register a limited number of entrepreneurs. We indicate online whether we still have space. And isn’t that the case? Then you can always use one of our other locations as a registration address, even if it is not in Utrecht.

PriOffice Utrecht vergaderruimte-groot


Are you looking for a business address in Utrecht to appear more professional than with your home address? That too is a good reason to use it. Many customers will still look for who they are dealing with. If they end up at your home address, that doesn’t have to be a problem, but it doesn’t contribute to your professionalism either.

We ensure that you can show our address. It is a suitable location for working and meeting, something that will give confidence to larger clients. This way you can easily make an impression with a business address in Utrecht that you use with us.


And do you want to change your business address in Utrecht, for example to prevent customers from being aware of where you live? Or are you travelling regularly, do you live anywhere and nowhere and are you therefore looking for a fixed address that you can use? The reasons are almost endless, and in all these cases we ensure that you can register in the Utrecht region with your company. You neatly comply with the important rules of the Chamber of Commerce, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

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