CoC: business registration address wanted?

Looking for a business registration address for the Chamber of Commerce? We make sure that you don’t have to use your home address for this. That prevents suppliers, customers, and other relationships from easily looking up where you live. And that also prevents you from receiving the business mail at your private address.

And do you want to work as a digital nomad or travel regularly, so you can’t use your home address? Whatever the reason, we’ll make sure you can use a different registration address for the Chamber of Commerce. To register with the Chamber of Commerce in the Trade Register, without having to disclose your private details.

Register with our address

Curious how it works if you want to rent a business address? With a CoC registration address, we ensure that you can keep your home address out of the Commercial Trade Register. Instead, you use our business address, where you also have the opportunity to come and work or have a meeting.

  • Working in a flex space
    Do you want to work in a flex space? At our addresses in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, for example, we make sure that a workplace is available for you. Which you can rent per part of the day or which you can even use unlimited with the upgrade to Unlimited flexworking. Including coffee, tea and of course a fast internet connection. To be able to work in peace, from a professional environment that inspires and stimulates you.
  • Meetings and training
    Do you want to meet with customers or organize a training for multiple participants? There are several meeting rooms available, which you can easily book online. With a discount or based on our free membership, depending on how you would like to use it.

Looking for a business registration address for the Chamber of Commerce, which neatly meets the conditions for this? For example, you have to be able to work there, something that is possible with us. So you can use it without any problems, whatever the reason. Do you want to shield your private address or actually make sure that you can come and work at our locations? We make sure that you can change the business registration address at the Chamber of Commerce.


Change the Chamber of Commerce registration address

Are you going to start your business and would you like to use our CoC registration address right away? Or do you already have your company for a while, but is it still registered at your home? You can adjust it, which prevents your own address from remaining in the Trade Register any longer.

And do you want to combine working and travelling or use our flex spaces? There can be a variety of reasons to change your company’s registration address. To ours, where we make sure that you comply neatly with the guidelines that the Chamber of Commerce applies for this purpose. To not worry about anything, based on the different memberships you can use. Free or paid, so that you are also in control.

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