Registration address Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven

Do you want to arrange a registration address for the CoC in Eindhoven? You need a business address in the city, for which you can use your home address, for example. But would you rather not do that or perhaps you don’t have that option? Don’t worry, we can help you with our addresses in beautiful Brabant.

At PriOffice we offer you an official business address in Eindhoven. And this is also a place where you are welcome to come and work, so that you neatly comply with the rules set by the Chamber of Commerce.

Approval by the Chamber of Commerce

PriOffice fully complies with the rules of the Chamber of Commerce. This means that you can actually come and work with us, by renting a flex desk or a meeting room, depending on what you need. In this way, it is your business address in Eindhoven, where you can both work and use a meeting room.

So would you rather not have your own private address in the trade register? We provide an alternative address that you can use for this. We provide the registration address for the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven, so that you do not have to worry about it.

Registration address for the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven

Curious about the possibilities of a registration address for the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven by using our subscription? We would of course be happy to explain exactly how that works.

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