Flex desk in Rotterdam

Looking for a flex desk in Rotterdam? The best place for flexible working. So that you as a self-employed person can make the meters that you have been dreading for a while.

Do you want to get started with that challenging Excel sheet, is the deadline for that important article approaching or are there tasks you can’t get to at home? With a flex desk in Rotterdam you take care of the professional environment in which you can concentrate. And you can work on the assignments that have been around for a while, that you really want to pick up now.

With the flex desk in Rotterdam, we ensure that you work in a pleasant and professional environment, where you can also receive customers. And you can use it as a business address for the Chamber of Commerce, if you don’t want to use your private address for that.

Working and meeting in Rotterdam South

Curious about our flex desk in Rotterdam South? We are just a few minutes’ drive from the A15, A29 and A16 motorways. Centrally located and opposite the shopping centre Zuidplein and the hospital. Easily accessible by both the bus and the metro, so you can also go there by public transport without any problems.

The flex desk in Rotterdam offers you the opportunity to work and meet:

  • Work
    Thanks to good wifi, delicious coffee and a nice and calming environment, you can get those thins done that have been left behind for a while. To finally finish what you started. Or to start at all, if you hadn’t actually got around to that in your own environment.
  • Meetings
    Meet up with customers or do you want to schedule a meeting with fellow entrepreneurs? This is possible at our flex location in Rotterdam, where there is enough space for both small and larger groups. And do you want to organize a training or a workshop? Rent a space that is perfectly suited for this purpose.

Flex desk in Rotterdam: the possibilities

Looking for a flex desk in Rotterdam and curious how that works with us? There are several ways to use the flexible workspaces:


The free membership, of course including the delicious coffee, tea and use of all facilities. You pay per part of the day, giving you full control over the costs of the flexible workplace.


A cheap paid subscription, with a 25% discount on the rental of the flex desk and meeting room. And you can use our address as a KvK business address, if you prefer not to use your private address for that purpose.


An upgrade to the Plus subscription and the most economical flex desk in Rotterdam. To make unlimited free use of the space to work flexibly and with 35% discount on the rental of the meeting room. Of course you can provide our address as your business address to the Chamber of Commerce.

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