Flex office in Breda: comfortable and economical

Looking for a flex office in Breda? We make sure that you can use a comfortable office in a practical location for a low price per month. Our locations are easily accessible by car and public transport, so you can always get there comfortably.

You can use the office to work flexibly, but also to organize a regular meeting or workshop. The locations are well suited for it, thanks to the meeting rooms up to 12 people. And of course you can also invite a customer there, so that you have a quiet and professional place to consult with each other.

Flex office in Breda

Are you looking for a flex office in Breda? We make sure that you work close to the centre and that you still have all the space and flexibility you are looking for.

At the flex desk in Breda you can come and work when it suits you. For example if you don’t have the opportunity to isolate yourself at home. Or when you have the need to meet other entrepreneurs as well. With our flex office you decide when you use it and how long you stay there. This is possible from half a day, but also for a whole day or a few days in a row. By booking in advance, you can be sure that you can go there and we make sure that everything you need is present. Such as good wifi, a comfortable workplace and good coffee and tea so you can be sure that your flex office in Breda is a good choice.

In addition, as a PriOffice member, you can also come and work at our other locations in, for example, Rotterdam or The Hague, so that you have full flexibility.

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