Flexible working and looking for a suitable place? Call it a flexdesk, a flex space or a workplace and meeting room. We make sure that you have a place to work, to meet and, for example, to network. With other self-employed people and entrepreneurs, who, like you, are looking for a suitable location.

You decide how you plan the day. Sometimes you do that at home and other times at one of our office locations. With all the facilities that you find important and, for example, by registering your business in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. You decide how you come to work flexibly and how you use our offer. For example, in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, at a representative location where you can also receive customers and other relations.



What is flexible working? You work flexibly in an office location and for example at home, just like at the customer’s location or in another place. You have the freedom to go wherever you want. With a laptop and other items, materials or equipment you need. Once a week a day, or at several times: you decide how you want to use the flex desk to work. By scheduling your appointments there or by secluding yourself from time to time and making real progress.

By working flexibly, you are completely flexible in the way you divide your time. As an important condition for self-employment. Where you receive an assignment from your customer or client. Which you can perform the way you want. At a flex desk, at home or at another location. So you can work flexibly as it’s meant to be.

So do you have to work out a complicated Excel sheet, is the deadline for an important article approaching or do you just want to work in a place that does not remind you of home? Whatever the reason, thanks to flexible working you get done what needs to be done. To round off your list of tasks, by really being able to put yourself there in a pleasant environment.


Curious about the available locations to work flexibly? We offer you that opportunity in 12 locations in the Netherlands,including Amsterdam and Rotterdam. In all cases in a nice location, which is easily accessible and offers you the opportunity to receive customers:

  • Flexible working in Amsterdam
    Looking for a place to work in our capital? You work and/or meet just two minutes’ drive from the A9, A4 and A10 motorways. And are you travelling from Schiphol or is your international customer from there? It is only 11 kilometres away, so this can also be done with a taxi. In addition, public transport is only a 5-minute walk away, making the place for flexible working perfectly accessible.

  • Flexible working in Rotterdam
    Do you want to cowork in Rotterdam? Rotterdam I is only a few minutes’ drive from the A15, A29 and A16, giving you a central place to drive to quickly. In addition, the location is opposite the Zuidplein shopping centre and close to the hospital. And do you prefer to come by public transport? Then you could also use Rotterdam II in the middle of the center at the Willemskade. A special location with a lunchroom, so that you can also meet with customers.

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The places to work flexibly are well suited for both working and having a meeting. That means you can use it in multiple ways, depending on what’s in your calendar and on the schedule.

Do you want to work in a nice place, where you can really relax? Make sure you can concentrate properly, to finally get rid of what you’ve been looking up to all this time. And would you like to schedule a meeting, give a workshop or organize a training for some enthusiastic participants? This can be done in the flexible working spaces, allowing you to use it the way you want.

No matter how you want to use the space, you can always count on our important advantages during flexible working and having a meeting:

  • Well organized and affordable
    Of course, you want to invest as efficiently as possible. In a place for flexible working, where you can get started and still do not pay too much. That’s why we’re one of the cheapest providers in the market, without sacrificing comfort, professionalism and good service.

  • Personal service with committed support
    We offer you personal service and committed support. Online if you have any questions and of course at the locations if you need anything from us there. And do you want to combine flexible working with our other services? Of course, we’d be happy to help you with that.



Would you like to work flexibly in, for example, Amsterdam or Rotterdam? We help you find your flex spot, where you can work excellently. And where you can receive customers for an appointment or where you can schedule a meeting with multiple other people.

Organize a workshop or training, just like another meeting that is important for your business. Or use the place to work flexibly if you really want to concentrate well. To get the work done that you don’t get to at home, because you stay in a professional environment as a self-employed person.

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