Flex working in Rotterdam? At our flex office you work whenever you want. This is possible by booking a single day, which is advantageous if you only want to use it occasionally. But it’s also possible by taking out an advantageous subscription, for example for 2 days a week.

So do you want to come and cowork every now and then or are you looking for a place where you can go more often? We help you to work flexibly in Rotterdam, in an office that is of course equipped with all the comforts and important business conveniences.

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You have a nice flex space at our office in Rotterdam. You can easily make a reservation, after which you can quickly use it.
So do you want to spend a morning or an afternoon working on that important assignment? Or are you looking for a place to isolate yourself, if you can’t concentrate well at home? You can choose from several flex desks, where we make sure that you finally get things done, with good wifi and nice coffee.


You can choose from two different subscriptions for coworking in Rotterdam. So do you like to keep it as advantageous as possible and do you occasionally come by? Or do you prefer to benefit from a discount on the rental of the space, because you use it more often? You decide, so that you make use of our fine spaces in Rotterdam in an economical way.

The flex desk is well suited to come and work yourself. And do you want to meet with a customer, meet with a colleague or discuss something with a supplier? The meeting rooms offer you the space you are looking for.

In addition, the rooms are well suited to give a training, course or a workshop. This way you always have a place to go, on top of the business address that you can of course use. We offer you the complete package for coworking, so that you can be sure that you experience complete freedom in business.

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Do you want to cowork in Rotterdam? You can simply apply for your membership online, after which we will immediately start working on it for you. We will let you know what the possibilities are, so that you can come and work soon. Of course, you do this in peace or together with other freelancers, because you decide how you want to use the place.

Our flex desks and meeting rooms are suitable for you alone, for you and someone else and up to 10 people if you want to organize a training, course or other meeting. This way you can be sure that you are making the right choice for a flex desk in Rotterdam where you can go in a very flexible way.

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