Do you want to live in Germany and work in the Netherlands, but you don’t know how to do that? Living across the border can be a wish, and you probably get that done well yourself. You can then register your company across the border in the Netherlands, by using our registration address.

You register your company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, by using the address that we have available for this in Arnhem (Duiven). It is an address of a physical location, where you also have the opportunity to come and work. This is important, because it is an important condition set by the Chamber of Commerce to accept your registration.

So do you want to live in Germany and work in the Netherlands? We ensure that you can combine the two with each other. And that you have a place to work very flexibly, by reserving the space online.


Do you live just across the border in Germany and do you mainly work for Dutch clients? It can be nice to register a company in the Netherlands. That gives confidence and perhaps also makes it easier, depending on the services you offer or what you do exactly.

So do you want to work in the Netherlands, while you have a house just across the German border? With our registration address, that is simply in the Netherlands. For example, you can use a business address for the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. This gives your customers confidence and ensures that you do not have to use your address in Germany for the company you want to establish.

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You can register your company at our address, after which you also have the opportunity to work there. We only register a certain number of entrepreneurs per location. This way we ensure that you can reserve a flex desk. Moreover, in this way we meet the important requirement set by the Chamber of Commerce.

You can reserve the flex desk online if you want to come and work in the Netherlands. And do you want to meet, for example with customers, suppliers or other business relations? Invite them to our location across the border. You can receive them at a representative location, where you can also go yourself if you are looking for a place to work well.

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We ensure that you can live in Germany and that you can work in the Netherlands in the meantime. It is often the ideal combination for entrepreneurs on or just across the border. You neatly comply with the rules and guidelines that apply, while you make a good impression on (new) customers. This way you can be sure that this is well arranged, and you do not need your German home address to officially register the company.

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