Meeting location in Rotterdam wanted? You can rent a meeting room and pay for the meeting location in Rotterdam simply per part of the day and use a (free) membership. Our location in the center is very easily accessible by public transport and also from the Central Station. Our location on the Zuidplein is only a few minutes drive from the A15, A29 and A16, and is therefore very easy to reach by car.

Are you specifically looking for a small meeting room in Rotterdam or do you need more space for up to 10 people? You have the choice of different spaces, so you can use them in multiple ways. For example, for a consultation with a customer, just like when you want to organize a workshop or training.

Are you looking for a meeting room in Rotterdam in the city centre or do you think it is important that it is easily accessible by car from the motorway? With the meeting location, we make sure that you can go there easily and that you can also receive others without any problems.


Curious about our meeting location in Rotterdam and how you can use it as an independent entrepreneur? It’s the best place to consult 1-on-1, although there are a number of other ways to use it:

  • Business meeting
    Business consultation with your customer and would you rather not receive them at your home? Instead, choose our meeting location, which will also make a professional impression. Rent for a morning or an afternoon, of for the whole day if that suits you better. In a pleasant and relaxed environment, as the best place for a new deal or to discuss the progress of the project.

  • Small meeting
    Do you want to get together with a few others? You can rent a meeting room in Rotterdam for, for example, 3 to 4 people. In a location where you can all travel easily to and with a seat at the table for all participants. To exchange ideas during a brainstorm or to hear from different angles what is important during (the rest of) the project.

  • Large meeting room
    Are you looking for a meeting room in Rotterdam with room for more participants? The most spacious place can accommodate up to 12 people. This means that you can get all the noses in the same direction at once or collect all the input during one session. So you can tie the knot or let everyone know what’s going on right now and what’s important.

  • Workshop, training or presentation
    Are you looking for a meeting location in Rotterdam, which you can also use to receive your attendees? It is the ideal place for a workshop, a training or a presentation you want to give. Of course with coffee and tea for everyone, as well as a good Wi-Fi connection that you can also use yourself.

Are you looking for a meeting location or a suitable meeting space in Rotterdam? We make sure that you can use it flexibly. In the way you want and of course in a pleasant environment, where you will lack nothing.


Curious how it works if you want to use our meeting location in Rotterdam? This can be done in a few different ways:

No monthly fees

Book a meeting room if you need it, without being stuck with other fixed costs? Take advantage of our free membership. The easiest way to use a meeting location in Breda, as soon as you want to organize a consultation, a meeting or a training or workshop. To be booked per part of the day or for a whole day, so that you are completely flexible.

From € 34,25 per month

A paid subscription, with which you get a standard 25% discount on the consultation rooms and meeting rooms that you want to rent. An advantageous choice if you want to have meetings regularly. In addition, you can use our address as a business address for the Chamber of Commerce. The Plus subscription is our most chosen subscription!

The meeting rooms in Rotterdam can be booked as much and as often as you want. Which subscription you choose doesn’t matter. Please note that we limit the number of memberships per location. In this way, we comply neatly with the guidelines of the Chamber of Commerce. This requires that you actually have to be able to work at the address you use to register your company.


Are you looking for a meeting location in Rotterdam? You have the choice of special meeting rooms with fine lounge chairs, as well as the places where you can sit down with customers and others to have a more formal setting. However you want to use it, we make sure that you can go to an easily accessible place in Rotterdam.

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