Change postal address at the Chamber of Commerce? Prevent customers, suppliers, and other business relationships from using your private address to send their mail. So that you can receive (purchase) invoices, business advertising and other mail at a different address.

With our colleagues at PriPost you simply apply for a Postbox, which you can use as a CoC postal address. With the ability to store, scan or forward your mail. Which prevents you from missing out on any mail, while you no longer have to worry about it.

Please note: completely shield your private address at the Chamber of Commerce? Prevent the address from being included in the Commercial Register by renting a registered business address from PriOffice.

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Do you want to change your CoC postal address? It concerns the postal address in the Commercial Register but not the registered business address. With a Postbox you choose a virtual address to receive the mail. For all the business mail you receive, so you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Please note: have you changed your CoC postal address? The registration address in the Commercial Register remains the same. Do you also want to change that? Then we can serve you well at PriOffice.

You can easily change the postal address at the Chamber of Commerce by requesting a Postbox from PriPost. From € 5,50 per month, always based on clear rates. So you know exactly where you stand. And you don’t have to miss out on your mail anymore, without having to receive it yourself.


With a business postal address, PriPost offers you a number of additional options:

  • Store
    Have the business mail that you receive stored? The easiest way to avoid missing something. For example, if you can’t receive or process the mail temporarily.
  • Scan
    Receive your business mail digitally? PriPost scans what’s coming in, so you can work paperless and still don’t miss anything.
  • Forward
    PriPost physically forwards the mail to you, collected in a large envelope to avoid unnecessary additional costs.

You can easily customize your postal address, making sure the mail ends up in the right place. This way PriPost helps you to change the business postal address at the Chamber of Commerce. So you can receive the mail and have it stored, scanned or forwarded.


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