Protect your private address

Instead of your own address, you can use our business address in, for example, Amsterdam or Rotterdam. This ensures that you comply with the requirements of the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Address in The Netherlands
    Of course, it must be an address in the Netherlands. Something that you meet properly, if you choose our locations in, for example, Amsterdam or Rotterdam.
  • Working at the business address
    It is important to the Chamber of Commerce that you can actually work at the business address that you register. That goes for all our locations, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Please note : some people speak of a virtual office. We are a physical address, with which you can register and where you can actually come to work (and meet).

shield private address CoC

No private address in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce

Would you rather not have a private address in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce? There are more independent entrepreneurs like you who prefer that. If they work from home, but want to prevent anyone from just finding out your address.

And do you choose our address as your business address to the Chamber of Commerce? Then you can also choose to come and work there and possibly have a meeting. As a practical choice, for which both a free and paid membership is available.

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