Start your own business: work and meetings

Want to start your own business and know exactly how to do it properly? It is especially important to establish a good foundation. Because you know what you’re going to do, you make sure you’re good at it and you find a way to be successful. From home or a nice space, where you can both work and have a meeting.

Do you want to start your business from home after you register with the Chamber of Commerce? Most service providers and other entrepreneurs do indeed start from home. After they have registered their company with the CoC, so that you can officially start and take your first entrepreneurial steps.

And are you ready for the next step or do you notice that things can get very busy at home from time to time? We’d love to help you at PriOffice. By giving you the space to work and meet. For a sharp monthly fee or even a free membership, which you can use to book a work space or meeting room with us.

Start from home

Of course, if you’re going to start your business, you don’t want to incur too much cost. It is important not to incur unnecessary costs, so that you will probably start from home. At the dining table, the kitchen table or in a small office that you set up on the first floor. So you don’t have to rent any other space and certainly won’t be stuck with an expensive rental contract.

We understand that you don’t want to incur too much cost, but that you might still be looking for a place to work or meet occasionally. If you are going to start your own company and you are looking for a way to get thinges going in a proper way. In peace or with other entrepreneurs around you, where you will experience the inspiration to take new steps. Without always being distracted and with the possibility to go ‘home’ at the end of the day.

start a business out of home

Register with the Chamber of Commerce

Are you going to start your own business and register it with the Chamber of Commerce? For that, you have two options:

  • Register at your home address
    Are you going to start your business from home and do you plan to work there for a while? As soon as you start a new business, you have to register it with the Chamber of Commerce. It is important to register your business address in the Trade Register. You can just use your home address for that. Please note that this address will be known to customers, suppliers and all other (potential) relationships. For example, it means that you will also receive your business mail at your home address.

  • Register at our work address
    Instead, you can choose to start your own business and register it at our work address. This can be done, for example, in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. At the locations that we have available, where you can come to work and meet. We comply with all the conditions of the Chamber of Commerce. Which allows you to register your company with us, if you use the available memberships and we still have space of course.

Did you first register your business at your home address and want to change that? Or are you looking for an affordable way to work and meet at a professional office location? We ensure that you can use this and, if you wish, also change the business address. Even at the Chamber of Commerce in the Trade Register, which prevents you from having to use your private address there any longer.

Work and meet: in peace

Are you looking for a place to work relaxed, to concentrate well or to meet together with suppliers, customers and other relations? You are very welcome at our locations in Utrecht and The Hague, for which you can, for example, use our subscriptions. This way you can be sure that you always pay the cheapest price.


Do you only need a flex desk once in a while? Then book a single day for € 20,00 . You can book meeting rooms per part of the day of 4 hours, including delicious coffee, tea and of course a fast internet connection.


Are you planning to work more often? Then choose the 2-days a week subscription for only € 75,00 per month. You can then work 2 days every week at the office of your choice.


Do you want to be able to work carefree every day, wherever and whenever you want? Then choose the unlimited subscription for only € 125,00 per month. Of course including delicious coffee, tea and fast internet.

Start your own business: work and meet

Do you want to start your own business? We help you work and meet successfully in the spaces in, for example, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Where you can receive your customers, give training courses and consult with others.

Start your own business and become a member at PriOffice?

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