Working as a digital nomad

Working as a digital nomad? Experience complete freedom, with work that you can do completely location-independently. Both at home, elsewhere in the office, in a coffee shop and of course on the other side of the world. From an idyllic beach or with a view over a beautiful green landscape. Away from all the typical worries and in a totally different environment. Where you can relax and where you decide where and when to work.

Fancy a month in Bali or a weekend Barcelona? To do more than just see the city or the surrounding area? If you also want to work there you can work there as a digital nomad. Armed with a laptop and a (mobile) internet connection. So you can work everywhere you are, on important jobs and on your own development. Without being stuck at home or a fixed office. With the freedom to go wherever you want, without any difficult obligations or high costs you have to incur.

What is a digital nomad?

You probably already know a thing or two about the digital nomad or you are trying to learn more about it. But, what exactly is it? What is a digital nomad and is it something for you to get started in that way?

You use digital resources and you travel around. Which means you don’t have a permanent place to stay. You can do your job wherever you are, because you have enough of a laptop and an Internet connection. That means you can travel whenever you want. Or you can stay a little longer somewhere, if you happen to have a great time there.

We are happy to help you work as a digital nomad, even if you don’t necessarily feel the need to go abroad. With the locations available to work and meet. Of course based on a flexible subscription, because you probably don’t want to be stuck with anything.


Experience complete freedom

Curious what other digital nomads are all about if they choose to do this? Of course it sounds great to work from a beautiful beach. Or on a small boat that floats off the coast, while you can connect to a mobile network via your phone.

Yet on the other hand, that’s not exactly what most digital nomads do it for. Instead, it’s mainly the freedom that drives them. Because you can go wherever you want. If that’s a nice white beach, just like when you just want to experience freedom in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Because you can make your money anywhere. In the Netherlands and on the other side of the world. If you feel like it, always going after the sun or looking for another nice environment.

Postal and business address for the Chamber of Commerce

Do you want to work as a digital nomad, to work location-independent? And in the meantime, make sure that some administrative matters are well arranged? There are a few ways to help you with this:

A business address at the Chamber of Commerce

Don’t have a fixed home address that you can use or would you rather not use it for the Chamber of Commerce (CoC)? You can instead use our address to register in the Trade Register.
Tip: Were you previously registered at your own address? Adjust it at the CoC, for example if you want to work as a digital nomad.

Working and meeting: Amsterdam or Rotterdam

Getting started as a digital nomad, but not always working from tropical beaches or other exotic locations? If you can also be found regularly in the Netherlands, we make sure that you can work and meet there, for example in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. In a fine and professional environment, which you can easily reach both by car and public transport.

Postal address for the Chamber of Commerce

Do you have a home address that you can use, but would you rather no longer receive your mail there? Use our postal address, which you can apply for at You can even receive your mail digitally, which allows you to watch it from the other side of the world right away the same day.

Do you want to combine working and travel? We like to make it easy for you, with our business address and postal address. Especially for you as a digital nomad, if you want to work without a permanent residence or experience complete freedom. As an independent entrepreneur, with enough to a laptop, an internet connection and our solutions to go wherever you want.

Digital nomad: we help you do business

Do you want to work as a digital nomad? We’ll help you. With our flexible solutions, both to come and work and meet and to make use of our business address. So you decide how you want to use it. Also, if you’re looking for a free membership, instead of a paid subscription.

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