Virtual office

You can use our virtual office in the Netherlands to come and work independently. During a single day or on the basis of a cheap subscription, even with unlimited possibilities to work when you want. And are you looking for a meeting room that you can book if you need it? Meet with 2 to 12 people or book the space for a training, workshop or other meeting you want to organize.

Please note: Are you looking for a virtual workplace? A truly virtual place can of course be found online. We offer you a physical location where you can come and work or have a meeting. That’s literally not a virtual office, but it’s a flexible location you can go to if you need to.

Great locations in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague

For our virtual office in the Netherlands we offer you multiple locations. Below you will find an explanation of three particularly successful locations:

  • Amsterdam
    Looking for a virtual office in the capital? Use our location a short distance from the A9, A4 and A10. Only 11 kilometers from Schiphol Airport and of course also easily accessible by public transport (bus and tram). Just a 5-minute walk from the stops, so you can also receive customers and other relationships.
  • Rotterdam
    Flexible working in Rotterdam and looking for a virtual office where you can go? We have a location opposite the Zuidplein shopping center and a location right in the center, at the Willemskade. Rotterdam Zuid is only a few minutes’ drive from the A15, A29 and A16. Rotterdam Centre is of course easily accessible by various public transport.
  • The Hague
    Are you looking for a flexible space in a virtual office in The Hague? On business park Forepark is this beautiful location where you can park comfortably for free in front of the door. This place is also easily accessible by public transport.

At the fine locations you will of course have the opportunity to work carefree. By not being distracted for a while and with both a good WiFi connection and the coffee that helps you through the day. And do you need to connect with other entrepreneurs? Talk to them every now and then to network or just to share ideas, so that you can also experience working with fellow entrepreneurs with us.

Virtual office with benefits

Are you looking for a virtual office in the Netherlands? In our Virtual Office, you’ll experience the benefits of maximum flexibility. Because you can come and work there whenever you want and you also decide what price you pay for it. So you can control costs and work at the same time in the most fine locations.

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