Virtual workplace or would you rather really work somewhere?

Looking for a virtual workplace, for example in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague? Maybe you mean a physical place to actually work, different from your home. In that case, we can help you at PriOffice.

Of course, it’s not a real virtual workplace, because this would be a digital or online location. It is a location that you can book online, if you are looking for a virtual office to work occasionally.

Physical location: accepted by the Chamber of Commerce

So you could speak of a virtual office, although in practice it is a physical location. And that’s important, because it complies with the rules set by the Chamber of Commerce.

You can actually come to work. And in fact, you also have the opportunity to book a meeting room and get started together. It means that you neatly meet the conditions of the Chamber of Commerce, so nothing to worry about.

Virtual workplace

For example, the way we provide a virtual workplace prevents you from having to provide your home address with the Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, you are of course always welcome and you can also come for a meeting or even give a training or workshop.


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