Rent office space in Amsterdam? You probably know how difficult that can be and you know the high prices that are calculated in many places. We would like to do something about this, by offering you the most flexible offer possible. So have you tried it in Amsterdam North, South, East and for example Southeast or other places? In Amsterdam West, we ensure that you have the opportunity to make cheap use of a nice workplace.

We offer you the opportunity to register your company, according to the rules of the Chamber of Commerce. This means that you don’t have to use your home address (any longer), which gives you more privacy right away. Then you can come and work at the flex desks that are available. And do you have a meeting scheduled? Or do you want to give a workshop or training? You can easily book a space for this too, so you can make use of it.


Renting office space in Amsterdam is not easy. At least not if you are looking for it yourself and are looking for a permanent space to use. We notice this around us and of course we hear the stories of freelancers and other self-employed people who ask us about the spaces that are available.

That is why we like to make it easy for you to rent office space in Amsterdam. There is plenty of space at our locations to come and work. Of course there are coffee and tea, you have the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and we make sure that the wifi connection there is excellent.

In addition, the location is easily accessible, both by car and by public transport. This means that you can also invite customers or to organize a meeting with several others. This way we provide office space for rent in Amsterdam, without paying a high price.

PriOffice Amsterdam


You can simply make a reservation per day to come and work in Amsterdam. We make sure that there is a place available for you, where you have the chance to work on that one assignment that you really need to put time into.

It is the easiest way we can offer the office space for rent in Amsterdam. We do this in Amsterdam West, although you can of course easily get there from The South, East and North. We are always close, as with our locations in Rotterdam and The Hague, for example.


Are you looking for office space to rent, so that you can come and work or have a meeting in Amsterdam? We offer you the two possibilities:

  • Come and work (flexibly) in Amsterdam
    Our flex office is available, so you can easily rent the space per day. It’s a nice place to work, which makes sure you have access to everything that’s important to get started.
  • Rent a meeting room
    Do you have a meeting scheduled? There is room for meetings up to 10 people, so you also have the opportunity to give training and workshops. In this way, we make sure that you are flexible, without having to sign an expensive rental contract for an office in Amsterdam.

So do you want to rent office space in Amsterdam? We make sure that you can use it in an economical way. Including business address for the Chamber of Commerce when you want, with which you neatly comply with the strict rules that apply.

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Are you looking for a way to rent cheap office space in Amsterdam? At our two locations in West, we ensure that you have the opportunity to come and work as a self-employed person or self-employed person. You can do that per day, whenever you want to make occasional use of the space. And do you opt for an unlimited subscription? With that option you do not have to pay at a time and you pay the best price. You can use it in an extra economical way, while simply working from the capital.

So are you looking to rent of office space in Amsterdam? And do you experience that it’s difficult, when you only need a place to work every now and then? Then our flex office is probably a better choice. You can work excellently there and you pay a fixed low amount per month, plus any costs to book the space.

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