Rent office space in The Hague

Rent office space in The Hague? When you are looking for a flexible workplace, you have arrived at the right place. For example, with our free membership that allows you to easily control the costs. Or on the basis of a cheap paid subscription, which gives you a 25% discount on renting a workplace. You even have the option to make unlimited use of our office spaces, so you can come to work at no extra cost when it suits you. And would you like to organize a course or a meeting? That’s also possible, so you can really go either way.

So are you looking for flexible office space or a workplace for rent in The Hague? Then you have the freedom to decide how you want to use it in the way that suits you. Of course with a fast internet connection and with good coffee, just like the other practical facilities.

So that you can fully focus on completing the accounting or finally preparing that presentation, of which the date is getting closer. And so that you make the most of your time, because you get a lot more done than at home. In a pleasant office space that can be rented in The Hague. Per part of the day or on the basis of a paid subscription with which you pay the cheapest price.

Working in flexible office space

Do you want to rent office space in The Hague, which you can use flexibly? You have the choice of three interesting possibilities:


Do you only want to use a flex desk once in a while? Then book a single day for only € 20,00 and make use of the delicious coffee, tea and of course a fast internet connection.


Are you planning to work more often? Then choose the 2-days a week subscription for only € 75,00 per month. You can then work 2 days every week at the office of your choice.


Do you want to work wherever and whenever you want? Then choose the unlimited subscription for only € 125,00 per month. Of course including delicious coffee, tea and fast internet.

As you can see, the workplace can be rented in the way that suits your business. This way you can not only work flexibly, but also very cheaply. In a pleasant environment that contributes to getting done what needs to be done. And in an attractive environment with other entrepreneurs around you or just a little isolated, so that you can work undisturbed and can really make progress in completing certain tasks.

Have a meeting with colleagues and customers

Curious about what office space is for rent in The Hague and would you also like to use meeting rooms there to get together with people? We offer you both possibilites, so you can use a flex space that gives you more options.

You can rent the office space for yourself to flex work, or for a group of people, so that you can give a presentation to your colleagues, for example. Or maybe you would like to invite a customer with whom you would like to meet in person to get to know each other better. Because it is more pleasant to discuss a new assignment or to review the progress. You can use our rooms for 2 to 10 people, so you always have enough space to meet up in a pleasant way.

Just like the office space that can be rented in The Hague, you can also reserve the meeting places in advance by sending an email. This ensures that the space is available to you and the participants in the training or presentation. And of course everyone can use the fast internet connection, the delicious coffee and the tea, just like the other facilities available. You will therefore not miss out on anything when you organize a meeting at our office in The Hague.

Workshops, presentations and more

And are you looking for office space for rent in The Hague that you can also use for other activities? We’ll list a few options for you:

  • Organize a workshop
    Are you planning to organize a workshop and are you looking for affordable office space that you can rent in The Hague? Make use of it very flexibly. Charge per part of the day and pay the cheapest price with the Plus subscription, which gives you a 25% discount on the rental price. So you can give workshops regularly, without having to receive the participants at home or at another expensive location.

  • Give a presentation
    Do you want to give a presentation and make a professional impression? The office space you can rent in The Hague is ideally suited for this. So you can invite 2 to 10 people, in a place where good wifi is available and where all attendees can of course use a delicious cup of coffee or tea. In a representative and easily accessible location, with which you as a trainer make the right impression.

  • Plan a meeting
    Do you want to schedule a different kind of meeting? With our meeting rooms, we make sure that you can receive everyone and give them a place at the table. So you no longer have to search for a suitable location or invite people to your home, for example. With us, as an independent entrepreneur, you are completely flexible and you are sure that you are not paying too much.

Rent office space in The Hague

Do you want to rent office space in The Hague and are you curious about the cheap possibilities? We guarantee that you will pay the cheapest price with us. While you can also count on a representative and easily accessible location. Located right next to the A4 and A12 at the Prins Clausplein with free parking spaces on your doorstep. Located opposite the iconic ADO stadium, and equipped with all the comforts.

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