That expensive flex desk can be cheaper!

You have a flexible place to work or just to keep your home address private. But the costs are not small and in these times you want to be a bit economical.

PriOffice; a business address for the Chamber of Commerce for €29.95

You can register your business at one of PriOffice's locations for only €29.95 per month. You will receive a rental contract with which you can demonstrate to the Chamber of Commerce that you rent flexible office space from us. PriOffice consults regularly with the Chamber of Commerce and we work in accordance with their rules and conditions.

PriOffice has comfortable and representative locations in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Leidschendam. Of course, you have the option to work at the location where you are registered. And in fact, you can also use the other locations to work. It's just what suits you!

A business postal address at PriPost

If your business is registered in one of the PriOffice locations, we'll automatically receive mail for you as well. We leave the processing of mail (and packages) to our PriPost colleagues. Like no other, they can carefully fulfill any desire related to post processing. Most customers choose to have their mail scanned so that everything is immediately digitally available in the online customer portal (PriPortal).

You have a PriPost subscription for only €5 per month. When you want to register your business with PriOffice, this is always combined with a subscription at PriPost.

Do you only want a business postal address and don't need an address to register your business?
Then applying for a subscription from PriPost is enough.

Want to avoid paying too much any longer?

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