PER 01-01-2022
PER 01-01-2022

Rates 2022

We are currently assessing the effect of rising rent and energy prices on us. We do not yet have sufficient insight into this and that is why the prices for existing customers remain unchanged for the time being!

It could be that we eventually have to draw the conclusion that a (small) price increase is necessary. Then we will of course inform you about this in time. But for the time being, we assume that the effect on us in 2022 will be small.

We do everything we can to organize and automate our services as efficient as possible. As a result, we work smart and we can keep the costs low for you, also in 2022. We are also constantly looking for nice locations that are easily accessible and have a professional appearance, but are affordable. That is sometimes quite a challenge, but ensures that we can continue to offer competitive rates.


Affordable Flex Working

We have noticed that not all customers are yet aware of our very competitive rates for flex working. These rates will remain unchanged in 2022 and are:

  • A single day – €15,00
    Do you only want to come to work occasionally? Then choose a single day for only € 15, – including coffee, tea, and of course a fast internet connection

  • Two days a week – €55,00 per month
    Are you planning to work more often? Then this (most chosen) subscription is very advantageous and you are assured of a place.

  • Unlimited – €99,00 per month
    Do you want to be able to come every day? Then you are ready for only € 99 per month and you can work wherever and whenever you want

Tip: It doesn’t matter at which location you are registered , because you can come and work at all PriOffice locations.

Booking is easy by sending your request to [email protected]