Location Pijnacker

This location is especially for webshops. In contrast to the other PriOffice locations that consist of office space, this is a location with a large business space. Here, among other things, webshop returns are processed and stored. The processing of the webshop returns is carried out by our colleagues at PriParcel.

Registering your business in Pijnacker is only possible if you have a webshop. It is not necessary that PriParcel processes your webshop returns in order to be able to register here.

Everything for your webshop under one roof!


A business address for the Chamber of Commerce

A postal address for your business mail

A return address for your webshop returns

Everything under 1 roof: the main advantages

  • Your home address remains private and that gives you peace of mind

  • No more waiting at home to receive packages

  • Give your webshop a professional image

  • Your returns are carefully processed by PriParcel

  • You immediately see what has been received so that you can take immediate action to your customer

  • Webshop returns can be forwarded consolidated

  • It is also possible to collect the returns yourself

  • You can use all other PriOffice locations to flex work or meet in a comfortable office

  • All together from only € 45.95 per month!