Location Pijnacker

This location is especially for webshops. In contrast to the other PriOffice locations that consist of office space, this is a location with a large business space. Here, among other things, webshop returns are processed and stored. The processing of the webshop returns is carried out by our colleagues at PriParcel.

Please note:
Establishing in Pijnacker is only possible when you have a webshop and when PriParcel processes your webshop returns.

In April we will move from Pijnacker to a larger location in The Hague!

Everything for your webshop under one roof!


A business address for the Chamber of Commerce

A postal address for your business mail

A return address for your webshop returns

Everything under 1 roof: the main advantages

  • Your home address remains private and that gives you peace of mind

  • No more waiting at home to receive packages

  • Give your webshop a professional image

  • Your returns are carefully processed by PriParcel

  • You immediately see what has been received so that you can take immediate action to your customer

  • Webshop returns can be forwarded consolidated

  • It is also possible to collect the returns yourself

  • You can use all other PriOffice locations to flex work or meet in a comfortable office

  • All in all from only €48,20 per month!