Meeting room

If you need a meeting room in Rotterdam, for example to give a training or workshop, prioffice Rotterdam Zuid is the right place for you. This location has several spacious meeting rooms that you can use:

  • Consulting room
    In this space you will find three comfortable armchairs in which you can have a relaxed conversation. This is therefore especially suitable for, for example, a coaching conversation or an informal meeting where you do not need a table.

PriOffice Rotterdam spreekkamer
  • Small meeting room
    This room can accommodate 4-6 people who can sit at a large table. There is a whiteboard on the wall so it can be used to your heart’s content to take notes.

PriOffice Rotterdam kleine vergaderkamer
  • Large meeting room
    In one of the two open areas there is a large conference table where you can sit with 10 people. You can close the open area by closing the door and then the entire room is only accessible to those who participate in the meeting.

PriOffice Rotterdam vergaderruimte

Meeting facilities

For your meeting or training, PriOffice offers various facilities that you can use. Presentation materials such as a flipchart with paper or a white board are available at the location. There is also a smart TV with wifi and built-in Chromecast and this is easy to connect to a laptop with the HDMI cable. Do you need something specific for your meeting? Please contact us, so that we can see what we can do for you.

During the meeting there is coffee (Nespresso machine) and tea available for the participants in the kitchen and there are also water jugs. In the kitchen there is a fridge and a microwave so you can bring your own lunch or order something. Two local suggestions are, for example, Berry’s lunch or Sandwich Q. These companies are separate from PriOffice so you have to organize the order yourself.


You can reserve a meeting room at least 1 working day in advance and per part of the day. A part of the day is a block of 4 hours in the morning or afternoon. On request, it can also be done in the evening or on weekends, but this is not guaranteed. A surcharge of 25% also applies at these times.

To make a reservation:

  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • Indicate at which PriOffice location you want to meet
  • On what date + time
  • And with how many people

You will then receive a confirmation via email and we will ensure that you receive a digital key.

Access via the app

All PriOffice locations are unmanned, so without a reception. This means that you enter yourself via the EVVA Airkey app on your phone. We will make sure you have access at the times you have booked.

In Rotterdam South you can go every working day between 08:00-19:00. The central door downstairs is always open during the day so your visitors can go inside and to the 3rd floor themselves. There you can open the door for them to receive them.


The costs listed below are per part of the day, regardless of whether you are present for that full 4 hours or not. The amount depends on the number of people participating in the meeting. If you are registered at PriOffice and therefore have the Plus subscription, you get a 25% discount on the standard rates.

MEETING (per half day)STANDARD-25% (with PLUS)
Consultation room 2/4 people€ 46,50€ 35,00
Meeting room 5-7 people€ 140,00€ 105,00
Meeting room 8-10 people€ 186,50€ 140,00

The above rates include use of Wi-Fi or wired internet, unlimited coffee and/or tea and use of various presentation materials, during the reservation period.

View here the conditions that apply.

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