Flex desk

At our office in Utrecht (Zeist) you will find a flex desk with lots of daylight and a view on the green fields. The cozy office is much more spacious and lighter than the outside suggests. You will undoubtedly be positively surprised when you step inside!

There are different types of desks that you can sit at. You can choose to interact with other entrepreneurs or take a little more privacy in an enclosed space. Great if, for example, you want to call customers undisturbed. In short, you can sit wherever you want, depending on your mood or the situation of your work.

PriOffice Utrecht flexplekken
PriOffice Utrecht coworking
PriOffice Utrecht spreekruimte

In addition to high-speed internet and comfortable workplaces with ergonomic chairs, there is also plenty of (free) parking in front of the door. You can also use a locker, so that you can store your personal belongings when you go for a walk, for example.

In the fully equipped kitchen with, among other things, a fridge and microwave, you will find tea, coffee and a Nespresso machine that you can use freely.


Reserving a flex desk is only possible for PriOffice members. And because we want to make sure that there is a comfortable place for everyone to work, you always have to book at least 1 working day in advance. Call (085 – 30 13 777) or send an email ([email protected]) and tell us when you want to come and work and at which location. You will then receive a confirmation via email and we will ensure that you have access with a digital key and the EVVA airkey app.

PriOffice Utrecht werkplekken

Access via the app

All PriOffice locations are unmanned, so without a reception. This means that you enter yourself via the EVVA Airkey app on your phone. We will make sure you have access at the times you have booked.

In Zeist you can go every working day between 08:00-19:00.


A flex desk can only be booked per whole day (office hours).

  • Do you occasionally want to come to work for a day? Then book a single day.
  • Do you want to come to work regularly? Then choose one of our affordable flex subscriptions.

Below you will find the current rates. If you are registered at PriOffice and therefore have the Plus subscription, you get a 25% discount on the standard rates.

One single day€ 26,50€ 20,00
Subscription 2-days per week*€ 100,0 p/m€ 75,00 p/m
Subscription unlimited*€ 166,50 p/m€ 125,00 p/m
* on weekdays

Tip: A flex subscription is separate from your PriOffice membership
You can therefore switch the flex subscription on and off per month, while your PriOffice membership and business address continues. This is useful when, for example, you are on holiday for a longer period of time, so that you do not incur unnecessary costs for flex working while you do not use it.

Are you ready and do you want to work flexibly at PriOffice?

Easily arrange it in a few minutes.

Do you first want some more information or do you have a specific question?

Call, mail or chat with one of our employees via the contact page.