Postal address

Where PriOffice is responsible for the offices, furnishing, access and reservations, PriPost is responsible for the mail and its processing. That is why an additional PriPost subscription is necessary for all PriOffice members.

PriPost takes your privacy very seriously. To prevent your mail from being intercepted by other, unauthorized persons, the mail is collected several times a week from all PriOffice locations and processed by PriPost at a central location in the Netherlands. To ensure that the mail then ends up with you, it is important that your unique Postbox number is mentioned on the mail items. The mail is sorted on this unique number.

Nowadays, most companies do not receive much mail anymore, but the Chamber of Commerce and the tax authorities, among others, will use the business address to send mail to you. We also see that the most important documents are still sent by post today.

Renting the Postbox only costs € 5,95 per month + a small amount for the processing of your mail.

Mail processing: scanning or forwarding

You decide how we process the mail we receive for you:

  • Scan
    We scan your mail as soon as it arrives, so you can read it digitally. For example, via the app on your phone. You decide whether we scan the envelope first or whether we open it immediately and scan the contents for you.
  • Forward
    We will forwad the mail physically to you, collected in a larger envelope. This can be done to an address in the Netherlands as well as to locations all over the world.
  • Store
    We store your mail, for example if you are temporarily abroad. As soon as you can receive mail again, we will forward it to you.

Tip: read more about the different forms of processing and the rates we charge at PriPost. By default, we filter out any advertising for you free of charge.

postal address pripost
postal address pripost
receive parcels priparcel
receive parcels priparcel

Receive packages

Do you want to have packages received by us in addition to physical mail? Then add PriParcel to your membership. We receive parcels, consolidate shipments and forward them to any address in the world. In this way we help you, for example, with webshop returns.

Please note: we can only receive parcels at the PriParcel delivery address. There are no people present at your business address to accept the package.

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