A business address for the Chamber of Commerce

Registration address – Business Address – Virtual Office

When you register your business with the Chamber of Commerce at one of the PriOffice locations, you can easily keep business and private separate. From that moment on, your PriOffice business address will be found in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. An additional advantage is that you give your company a professional image, through the representative offices of PriOffice. After all, customers regularly look up the address and research shows that you are taken more seriously with a professional location. Besides that, you also have a nice place where you can invite customers!

One registered business address, multiple offices

With our Plus membership you can register your business with the Chamber of Commerce at one of the PriOffice locations. The Chamber of Commerce states that you can only register on the location from which the work actually takes place. That is why you have access to your business address every day during office hours (and on request also outside of office hours). And do you want to come and work at one of the other locations? That’s also possible! Because it doesn’t matter at what location you are registered. You can always use all our locations to work or have a meeting.

You have the freedom and flexibility to decide where you work and how often you want to do this. Your own desk for a part of the day? Organize a workshop for a group or a meeting with a customer in a consultation room? It’s all possible. And PriOffice is busy expanding, so that we have offices throughout the Netherlands where you can go.

Chamber of Commerce office

No matter at which location your business is registered, you can use any PriOffice location in the Netherlands to work or meet.

In order to comply with the rules of the Chamber of Commerce, there is a limit to the number of entrepreneurs that we can register at a location. After all, there must be enough space for everyone to work. Fortunately, we are busy expanding and there is a good chance that we have room for you. At the moment we have 12 offices in the Netherlands and we are located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Breda, Utrecht (Zeist), Eindhoven, Arnhem (Duiven) and Zwolle.

PriOffice works according to the rules of the Chamber of Commerce

PriOffice regularly consults with the Chamber of Commerce and we work in accordance with their rules and conditions. With the Plus membership you will receive a rental agreement with which you can demonstrate to the Chamber that you are renting a business address from us, where you can also carry out your work. That way you neatly comply with the rules and you don’t have to worry about anything. In some cases, the Chamber of Commerce or the Tax Office may request additional information.

Mail processing by PriPost

When you are registered at one of our locations, mail will automatically arrive for you at that address, for example from the CoC. For this reason, you always need a subscription with PriPost, so that they can process your mail professionally. The PriPost subscription only costs € 5,50 per month. PriPost collects mail daily from all PriOffice locations and then processes it in a central location.

Of course, you can decide how your mail should be processed. Most customers choose to have their mail scanned, as this is the fastest and most economical option. You can view your mail digitally the same day so you never have to miss anything, no matter where you live, work or stay. PriPost also offers practical solutions such as filtering advertising free of charge and receiving packages. Check out PriPost’s website to see more information about the rates and different ways of processing mail.

Chamber of Commerce office
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Why is PriOffice a lot cheaper than many other providers?

At PriOffice you only pay for what you use and that saves a lot of money. Instead of expensive all-in subscriptions, you pay separately for the business address and separately for a flexdesk or meeting room. This way you can control the costs yourself.

We are also well automated, so we don’t need personally manned receptions at our locations. After all, the mail is processed by PriPost and access to the locations is provided via an app. With this ‘digital key’ you can easily open the door yourself.

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