Rent CoC business address

Rent a CoC business address? The easiest way to shield your private address. According to the rules and guidelines of the Chamber of Commerce, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Curious how that works? We provide a rental contract that the Chamber of Commerce asks for, of course on the basis of a low rate per month. With which you rent a CoC registration address, so that you can use it for your business.

Please note: only looking for a postal address to receive your business mail? Then a postal address for the Chamber of Commerce is sufficient. Cheaper and subject to fewer conditions. With the ability to have your mail stored, scanned or forwarded.

Tip: rent a business postal address for the KvK? This is possible at PriPost, our sister company that specialises in this.

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Change CoC business address: the terms and conditions

Change your registration address for the Chamber of Commerce, for example to protect your private address? You have to meet an important condition. You must be able to carry out your job there, so you must be able to work there.

Tip: it is of course pleasant to also be able to have a meeting at your work location. However, the Chamber of Commerce does not make this compulsory.

PriOffice offers you an address where you can work and meet, so that you comply with the important guidelines of the Chamber of Commerce. Suitable to change your registered business address, thanks to a location that you can rent cheaply.

You will receive a rental contract from us, which shows that you rent (flexible) office space. According to the terms of the Chamber of Commerce, so you can hand over the data without any worries during registration. At the new address, which prevents your private address from entering the Commercial Register.

CoC as a registration address: is that possible?

You cannot use a as a registration address for the Chamber of Commerce. The address is not suitable to work from. That means you don’t meet the conditions. The Chamber of Commerce will not accept the address, so you can’t use it.

Rent CoC business address

Do you want to rent a registered business address for the CoC? Go a step further than just a postal address for companies. And use it to protect your private address at the CoC. To keep it out of the Commercial Register, so that customers are not suddenly at your front door.

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