We already announced it but were finally there….

Beesiks Office Space will be continued by PriOffice


Almost ten years ago we started with PostboxNL (now PriPost). We often got the question whether it was possible to register with the Chamber of Commerce as well. To serve these customers we started to investigate the possibilities. When we were nominated some five years ago, as an innovative company for the LiveWire award, the Chamber of Commerce gave the ok sign to register businesses on our address in Leidschendam. With expansion in mind we bought offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Barcelona and used the name Beesiks Office Space to offer the customers of PriPost also a registration address. Our goal was and still is, to offer this as a service for PriPost customers at the lowest possible costs.

In this new fase we will bring Beesiks Office Space under the PriGroup umbrella with the name PriOffice. The objective of the Prigroup is to provide practical services at the lowest possible price with the best possible service, which make the life of the hard-working entrepreneur easier.

What will change with PriOffice?

There are not a lot of changes. A few things however do need an explanation.

  • For a long time Beesiks Office Space charges an administration fee for invoicing per quarter. With PriOffice this surcharge will be cancelled (and save € 2,50 per month).
  • You will be given the option to adjust the contract (and invoice) period. An extra option (on request) is added to opt for a one year contract period. With this option you receive a 2,5% discount on the total invoice.
  • On many request… we also introduce a Premium membership (all members currently have a “Plus” membership). As a Premium member you have unlimited access to a flex desk at all our Dutch locations during working hours (fair use policy). On top of that you get a 25% discount on meeting room rates!
  • We installed video doorbells and bluetooth locks in our offices so they can be opened remotely.
  • Another new change will be covered by PriServices. As the administrative branch of the PriGroup, PriServices will take care of the invoices and payments on behalf of PriOffice (and in the future of all Pri-services).
  • Soon PriOffice will also be accessible through the PriPortal. Our goal is to provide all customers with one clear invoice and payment method.
  • In 2020 the rates will be unchanged for most customers. There are however a few customers where we, due to circumstances, didn’t index the monthly rate to the current level of € 29,95 per month. Starting from the next billing period, these members will also start paying the new rate. We know as a fact and are well aware that with this rate of € 29,95 we’re the cheapest in the areas of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague (and the rest of Holland)….

So far the good news…

  • To keep our rates as low as possible we need to implement a security deposit of a two-month membership fee. Unfortunately the amount of customers with bad payment habits is larger than we anticipated. The security deposit will be invoiced in two periods. It will be stated separately on the invoice (or, if you are already on direct debit you will be mailed a separate invoice). The security deposit will of course be refunded after the subscription is cancelled (see the General terms and conditions of PriOffice).

What do I need to do?

With the form on this page you can adjust your membership to match your needs.

What happens if I do not make a choice?

You will automatically be transferred by the next invoice period to a PriOffice Plus membership with the same invoice frequency (and therefore contract period) that you have now. By continuing your membership you agree to the General and Special Terms and Conditions of PriOffice and the General terms of PriServices. PriOffice takes over all memberships and lease contracts from Beesiks Office Space. We already informed the Chamber of Commerce about this step. You don’t need a new rental agreement. The Beesiks Office Space rental agreement will remain valid.

What if I do not want this?

We hate to see you leave but that is basically the only option that there is…. We’re moving forward and have to take these steps in order to be able to keep up our service level. But… you have the final saying in this! If you want to discontinue your membership… just give us a call or send an e-mail and we will conform the termination of your membership according to the General Terms of Beesiks Office Space.

We’re looking forward to serve you in the future. Got any questions?  We’re more than happy to help you!

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