Part-time flex desk in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and more locations

Rent flex desk in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or at other popular locations in the Netherlands? PriOffice helps you work flexibly on your business or next assignment. In a comfortable and inspiring environment, where you can work flexible and have a meeting.

Tip: looking for a business address for the Chamber of Commerce and a flex desk in one? Our locations are approved by the Chamber of Commerce. Ideal to work occasionally and to protect your private address from business relations.

What is a flex desk?

It’s a flexible place to work. Flexible when it comes to the location, the way you work and how often you’re there. By working there once a week, by going there every day or just occasionally planning your appointments. You decide how you want to use it, because you are completely flexible in it.

Are you looking for a flex desk to rent in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or at another location? PriOffice now has 12 locations and we are working hard to add more locations so that you always have a place to work nearby. In a professional environment and with the important facilities you are looking for. For a good cup of coffee, with different spaces to have a meeting and of course including a strong internet connection to fully rely on.

Use a flex desk the way you want

The flex desk you want to rent can be used in the way you want. To write an important article, work out a complicated Excel sheet or just to go through some documentation if you don’t get things done at home. These are all ways you can use the flex desk, so you can work very effectively on the tasks you have to do.

Why PriOffice?

Your flex desk is well arranged with us, because we work according to two important core values:

  • Well organised and at a competitive price
    We understand that you prefer to invest your money as efficiently as possible. For example, in a flex desk where you can work well, without paying too much for it. Thanks to smart automation and a good organization, so that we can offer the flex spaces to be rented in a very economical way. We are one of the cheapest options in the market, without sacrificing comfort, professionalism and service.

  • Personal service and commited support
    Despite the competitive rates, you can count on the best personal service both online and offline. By helping you with your questions, thinking along about the possibilities and providing you with the best environment to be able to work flexibly. And are you looking for support or do you want to know more about our other services? Even then, we are there for you, so that you can be sure that you are making the right choice.

Of course, the flex spaces you can rent are 100% approved by the Chamber of Commerce. It’s important if you’re also looking for a business address, for example, to shield your private address. You work with us at representative locations and can use both comfortable working and meeting areas.

Tip: are you looking for a space to give a workshop, training or a presentation? Thanks to the different rooms for 2 to 12 people, you can use them very flexibly.

How does it work?

Curious how it works if you want to rent a flex desk? You have the choice of two memberships:

  • Basic
    A free membership, of course including the coffee, tea and available facilities. You pay per day that you want to rent the flex desk, to work there at the time you are looking for a workplace.
  • Plus
    A cheap paid subscription, which gives you 25% discount on the rent of a flex desk and the rent of a meeting room for 2 to 12 people. In addition, you can use our address as a postal address and CoC registration address, for example to better separate private and business

You can sign up online for the free or paid membership. This is important because, in order to comply with the rules of the Chamber, we can only accept a limited number of self-employed people and other entrepreneurs. In the meantime, this offers you the opportunity to actually rent a flex desk, because we can keep a close eye on availability for you.

Rent a flex desk: Breda, Zwolle and more locations

Do you want to rent a flex desk in Breda, Zwolle or at another location? We will also open flex offices in other places in the Netherlands. So you can easily find a place to work flexibly in the neighbourhood. Or to have a meeting and give a training, workshop or other presentation. In a professional environment, with all possibilities and of course very flexible: so that you decide how you want to use it.

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