Mail processing by PriPost

If your company is registered in one of our locations, we will automatically receive mail for you. Even if it’s just from the Chamber of Commerce… The mail is processed by our colleagues at PriPost, a professional mail processor that has been around for more than 13 years. PriPost has thousands of customers in more than 118 countries for whom they receive and process mail. In other words, your mail is in good hands.

The PriPost subscription only costs € 5,95 per month. PriPost collects mail daily from all PriOffice locations and then processes it in a central location. In addition, you pay a small amount for scanning or forwarding the mail.

mail processing

Forward or scan mail

You can decide for yourself how your mail is processed.

  • Forward
    If you choose forwarding, your mail will be forwarded to the address of your choice at a frequency of your choice. The received envelopes are collected and sent in a larger envelope as a single shipment.
  • Scan
    If you choose scanning, your mail will be scanned on the day of receipt and uploaded to the customer portal (PriPortal). This is the cheapest and the fastest option, because the mail is processed directly. Thanks to special functionalities in the PriPortal, such as ‘smart folders’, you can also send the scans directly to your accountant, for example.

More benefits…

Don’t feel like receiving advertising?
PriPost filters out the advertising for you for free.

Do you also want to receive packages?
Via PriParcel it is possible to receive packages. These packages, possibly consolidated into one shipment, can be forwarded to you. To any address worldwide, including a pick-up point. For webshops, PriParcel even offers a special service for processing returns.

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