What is a virtual office and how can you use it? It is a question that concerns many freelancers and self-employed people. For example, if they prefer not to put their private address in the Commercial Trade Register. Or if they work a lot from abroad and are looking for an office location here in the Netherlands.

In both cases, you can use a virtual office. That is, if you use the definition we use. A real virtual office would only exist digitally. Which means you don’t meet the requirements of the Chamber of Commerce, to actually be able to work there.

When we speak of a virtual office, we actually mean a flexible office. Where you can come to work if you want to. And that you can use as a business address, for example to shield your private address.


Curious what a virtual office is, because you would rather not have your private address in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce? We help you shield your private address. By registering a different address for your company. Where you can actually come to work, so that you comply neatly with the guidelines that the Chamber of Commerce has drawn up for this purpose.

And do you work abroad a lot, but do you want to register with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands? Even then, our ‘virtual office’ is well suited. Because you choose a flexible office, where you can work when it suits you. And of course you don’t have to go there if you’re abroad for a while.

You have the choice of a free membership and our paid subscription. For an alternative business address for your company and for office space that you can use in a flexible way. So no matter how you want to use it, we’ll make sure a flexible solution is available.



Now that you know what a virtual office is, are you looking for more than that? We offer you a flexible office, with the possibility to actually come and work there. Which means that the office is not only digital, but you can actually go there.

And in fact, you can come and work there and use the meeting rooms. So that you can come together with 2 to 12 people, for example to get all the noses in the same direction during one meeting. Or to organize a workshop or a training. So that you can go much more ways with us than with what we know as a real virtual office.

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