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Rent a meeting room

Take a seat in our relax chairs in Rotterdam, choose a professional place at the table or during a lecture make sure that there is room for everyone you want to inspire or motivate. In a small or larger room, of course including all the facilities you need to have a meeting or for any other reason to come together.

For 2 to 12 people

Curious about the possibilities for a meeting room in Breda, Amsterdam or The Hague? We’ll list some of the options for you:

  • Business meeting
    Do you want to talk together and not receive your client or relationship at home? Our meeting room is an excellent choice. Easy and flexible to rent, for example to use a morning, an afternoon or a whole day.
  • Small meeting
    Are you organizing a small meeting with 3 or 4 people? Make sure everyone has a seat at the table in our meeting room. Easily accessible and ideal for making a professional impression.
  • Large meeting room
    Want to get together with more parties and are you looking for a spacious location? Organize meetings for up to 12 people, to get all noses in the same direction at once and to tie the knot.
  • Workshop, presentation or training
    Organise a workshop, presentation or training in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Use our largest spaces to convincingly convey your story to all participants.

How does it work?

Curious how it works if you want to rent a meeting room in, for example, Amsterdam or Rotterdam? With our two memberships you have the opportunity to book the space, in the way that suits you:

  • Basic
    The free membership, advantageous when you only occasionally need a meeting room. You pay a little more for the rent of the meeting room, but you have no fixed costs. And it is still a very economical choice.
  • Plus
    A paid subscription, with a 25% discount on the meeting room you want to book. The cheapest option if you want to rent a space regularly.

You can book the meeting room as many times as you want, but we have limited availability. Do you want to meet regularly with customers or at least make sure that you speak to them once a month? Then book well in advance so that you can be sure that the space is available for you.

Rent a meeting room

Do you want to rent a meeting room in, for example, Zwolle, The Hague or Breda? We ensure that you can consult, meet, present or train in a representative location. With all the professional facilities you’re looking for and to make a good impression on customers and other relationships you’d like to invite.

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