Business address in Zwolle

Are you looking for a business address in Zwolle, for example to adjust your registration address with the Chamber of Commerce? You can do that for a variety of reasons. Did you know, for example, that you can keep your private address out of the Trade Register? In addition, you use an address from a representative location, with which you make a good impression on customers who take a look online from where you work.

You can then use your business address in Zwolle as you wish. So is it enough for you to change this on paper? Or are you actually looking for a flex desk where you can come and work and meet? We are easily accessible, both by car and by public transport. And offer you the work and meeting places you are looking for.

Tip: do you use our business address for your company in Zwolle? You can come and work at all locations, so that you are completely flexible throughout the country.

Easily accessible: by car and public transport

You don’t just choose a business address in Zwolle, you naturally want to know that this is good. That is why we ensure that the location is easily accessible by both car and public transport. That is very useful if you want to work with us. And also important if you want to invite customers or other relations, for example to meet with them.

For all our locations for a business address throughout the Netherlands, we are always looking for places where you can park for free or at least easily. And that is easily accessible from both the different parts of the city and the areas around it.


Come work and meet

And once you use our business address in Zwolle? You are welcome to come and work and meet there. From your membership you can easily reserve a space, which you can use as you wish. So are you looking for a flex space to work on that one important assignment? Do you want to come and meet with a colleague, a customer or another business relation? Or are you looking for a place to give a training or workshop, for example for 10 participants? You’ve come to the right place, we’ll make sure you can get started.

Business address in Zwolle

At our business address in Zwolle you can be sure that you can come and work flexibly, that you can hold meetings and that you can keep your private address off the books. You change the address in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. This prevents you from having to share your home address and that customers may get a somewhat strange impression of you when they look you up online. Instead, you can present yourself professionally, even if you want to meet with them to go through the next assignment.

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