Business registration address in Rotterdam

Are you looking for a business registration address in Rotterdam? Use our address to register your company in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. So you don’t have to use your private address or if you want to work and travel.

Customers choose our business registration address for a wide variety of reasons. Located in Rotterdam, where you can of course come to work and meet. Thanks to the beautiful available spaces and also the excellent accessibility. Both by car and public transport, to receive all your customers without any problems.

Working and meeting: business registration address in Rotterdam

Curious about the possibilities at our business address in Rotterdam? Of course, you can come and work and meet. We would like to offer you the opportunity to come and work in an inspiring environment. Or to meet with customers you’d like to receive but don’t want to invite at home.

Moreover, our address in Rotterdam thus neatly complies with the conditions set by the Chamber of Commerce. To be able to work at the address you register with, without this having to be your home address.

And do you want to organize a training, give a workshop or use the space in a different way? With our free or paid membership, you decide how you would like to use it. With the possibility to work unlimited in our flex spaces or without monthly costs and with complete freedom. Whatever you are looking for, we will ensure that you can make flexible use of our business registration address in Rotterdam.


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