Rent fixed office space in The Hague

Make the step from home to office space in The Hague or finally formally bring your company together. You can rent a small office space or use the larger units. In all cases, it is about your own space, which you can therefore also close off. This means that you can use it 24/7, without having to reserve a space in advance.

Tip: do you want to get to know the location better first or are you looking for flexible office space in The Hague? Try our flex desks and meeting places. In addition, you can use our address as a business address for the Chamber of Commerce.

It concerns cheap office space in The Hague, which is easily accessible by car as well as public transport (OV). You just park for free in front of the door or in the area. So are you looking for something to rent, for office space in The Hague? Ask us your questions or sign up, and we will be happy to tell you more about it.

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Small to large: from 10 m2.

Do you want to rent cheap office space in The Hague or are you looking for a larger space that must be for rent? Whichever way you want to rent office space in The Hague, chances are we can offer it to you.

The smallest unit is 10 square meters in size, so well suited to work independently. Thanks to the desk and the office chair, you can even get started right away. If you need more space, there are units of, for example, 18 square meters and 23 square meters, up to 46 square meters for a larger office. In this way you will find exactly what you are looking for, to work independently or to get together with your colleagues, customers or relations.

Easily accessible: by car and public transport

Very important for office space for rent is of course the accessibility. You want to drive to the office or travel there by public transport in an easy way. We have taken this into account when choosing the location:

  • By car
    The office space that you can rent in The Hague is located next to the Prins Clausplein. This means that you can easily and quickly drive there from the A4, the A12 and the A13. Then you just park the car in front of the door or in the immediate vicinity. That is free, so it is so nice for you and for any others you invite.
  • By public transport
    Do you travel by public transport or do you have colleagues, customers or other relations who do? No problem, public transport is nearby. Thanks to two direct bus connections with NS stations and with the Randstadrail about a 10-minute walk away, you can go anywhere. In addition, during peak hours there is an express service from the location to The Hague Central Station.

Your own office space with good facilities

The office space to rent in The Hague of course has excellent facilities. That starts with a good office chair and a desk to work on, for the number of people indicated.

Then you can of course use fast broadband internet (both wirelessly via WiFi and wired). There is also a shared kitchen available with coffee and tea and you can use the shared sanitary facilities.

Tip: our office space in The Hague is even available with an air conditioning unit. This means that even on the hot summer days you can keep a cool head without any problems when you are working on an important assignment.

The office space has recently been renovated and therefore as good as new. During the renovation, the modern wishes of freelancers, SME entrepreneurs and other professionals who are looking for a fixed workplace were taken into account. This means, for example, that you can easily enter with an app, without someone having to open the door for you. This way you can go there 24/7, exactly at the times you want to work.

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Rent fixed office space in The Hague

Do you want to rent an office in The Hague and are you looking for a fixed location for which you pay a competitive price? That’s exactly what we offer you. You rent the office for at least 6 months. After that period, we always extend the contract by 3 months. This way we ensure that you can continue to rent with a notice period of 3 months as long as you want.

Moreover, you pay a competitive price per month, standard including gas, water and electricity. You don’t have to worry about that and you can drink as much tea and coffee as you want. In that respect, it is simply well arranged, as you may already be used to from our other services. We help you rent the office space in The Hague that you are looking for.

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