Looking for a virtual office in Amsterdam or The Hague? The best place to work flexibly and have a meeting whenever you want. With a paid or even a free membership, so that you are always in control.

And are you looking for virtual office space in, for example, Rotterdam, where you can actually work? It’s actually more than a virtual office, although this is the name you’re probably using for it. To be able to work there whenever you want, for example if you are looking for a place to work on an important assignment or job.


Despite the fact that we speak of a virtual office, it is actually more than that:

  • Virtual office
    A virtual office has no physical location. A truly virtual workplace offers you the opportunity to work online, for example from home.
  • Our workplaces
    Do you choose our offices? Some call it a virtual office, while there is indeed a physical location. Where you can come to work. Including the coffee, tea and of course a fast internet connection. In an inspiring and stimulating environment..

In this way, we actually offer you more than just a virtual office. Nevertheless, we notice that many of our customers speak of a virtual office. Where you have the opportunity to come to work whenever you want. And where you can also have a meeting, by booking a room. Something that you can of course do online, and then actually come to use it physically.



Curious about our virtual office in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or one of our other locations? You can come and work independently, both with a paid and free membership. Always at a competitive price, to keep it affordable.

And do you want to come for a meeting, is it about a training or a workshop that you want to give? We have the right space for that, thanks to the small and larger spaces that you can use. To receive your customers, if you’d rather not do that at home. In spaces that you can book online, after which you can be sure that a seat is available for everyone.

Our virtual offices are located in easily accessible locations. Both by car and public transport, making it easy for you and your customers or other relationships to get there. Located in central locations in the cities, so you can come and work there regularly or go there if there is an important meeting to take place.

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