Need a fiscal representative in Spain?

If you want to open a branch as a foreign company in Spain, you need a business address and a local fiscal representative. PriOffice can offer both things for you at an attractive price.

Registered business address

If you don’t (yet) have your own office or you want to continue working flexibly at all, you can register your business at PriOffice. We have our own office in Barcelona where you can register your company for the Chamber of Commerce (Registro Mercantil Central). This address can also be passed on to the Spanish tax authorities, for example when applying for an NIF (tax identification number).

Local fiscal representative

When you open a branch in Spain with a parent company abroad, you need a local fiscal representative. The tax authorities demand this because they want a local point of contact that can be held liable for fulfilling the company’s obligations to the Spanish tax authorities. This fiscal representative must be based in Spain and be in possession of a Spanish NIE.
PriOffice works with a fiscal representative residing in Spain. This person has the responsibility to read the electronic mailbox (in which the Spanish tax authorities post messages) every week and to pass on its contents to you in a timely manner.

PriOffice Amsterdam

Mail processing via PriPost

When you register your company at our office, then automatically we will also receive mail for you at that address. PriOffice outsourced mail processing to PriPost. You can easily indicate how your mail should be processed via the online customer portal. Mail can be physically forwarded as an example, collected in a larger envelope. Or everything can be scanned so that you receive the mail digitally. Scanning is the most economical and quick option. Check the PriPost website for more information about mail processing and associated rates.

Flexible working

Our office in Barcelona is not a co-working, or in other words, you can’t work there. PriOffice does have collaborations with some professional co-working spaces in Barcelona that we would like to refer you to. The advantage is that your business address and your postal address are both in one fixed location, while you can use various co-working spaces, just what you feel like. There are a lot in Barcelona and this way you’re not stuck with just one place!

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